The SLIET technical festival ‘techFEST 23’ is scheduled to be held on 17th-18th, March 2023. ‘techFEST’, serves as a platform for students to participate with great enthusiasm and interest in various technical events.

With a display of state-of-the-art technology, cut-throat competitions, and breath-taking technical display for its audience, ‘techFEST 23’ will be an opportunity to learn, create and experience the splendor of technology.

With something to offer for everyone, ‘techFEST’ is the ideal destination for all technophiles: young or old, beginner or expert, student or professional to witness, learn and experience ‘innovation and technological development’.

This year, the theme of ‘techFEST 23’ has been chosen as ‘INNOVATION IN AGRICULTURE’.

Emerging technologies from drones to digitalization have the potential to transform agricultural productivity, reduce environmental influence and increase farmers’ incomes.

This theme has been chosen amidst the global challenges facing the world which have affected the sustainability of food and agricultural systems.

The sub-themes of ‘techFEST 23’ are:

Robotics and automation, focus on specific applications of Robotics & Automation in the agricultural and food industry, Automated Agriculture etc. Energy Management & Renewable Energy, Control systems-based projects with combination of electronics, mechanics, sensing systems for Agriculture sector/industry. Design & development of project and ideas based on the theme of ‘techFEST’23’, Agricultural vehicle running on solar energy, Multipurpose vehicle for Agriculture Development, Power trillers, better crop cutting machine, motorized sprayer etc.


Flyer – ‘techFEST 23’ (17th-18th March 2023)